Dubai Credit Rating

Credit ratings are evaluations undertaken by specialized agencies collecting financial information about different countries economies in order to establish their performances. Many foreign investors coming to Dubai follow credit rating agencies reports when deciding to do business in the UAE which is why the rating is very important for the Government. The largest credit rating agencies in the world are Standard and Poor’s, Fitch and Moody’s. Each agency has its own criteria based on which a Country’s credit rating can be upgraded or downgraded. For information about the current economic situation in the UAE you can refer to our specialists in Quantum Auditing.

Dubai’s rating according to credit rating agencies

The United Arab Emirates economy is usually assessed as very good by credit rating agencies. In 2015 Standard and Poor’s evaluated Dubai credit rating at AA which among the best in the world. Fitch has also rated the country AA, while Moody’s Aa2. These ratings come after the success achieved by Dubai financial companies, sovereign wealth and pension funds. All three major credit rating agencies consider Dubai’s strong ratings to come from the economic growth and stable conditions in the financial and banking sectors, affirming the corporate rating in still increasing. Standard and Poor’s also shows that many foreign entrepreneurs are interested in investing in the Dubai Expo 2020 and are also willing to get involved in long-term projects.

The outlook for Dubai’s credit rating

The most recent outlooks provided by Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s and Fitch are stable for Dubai’s economy. Moody’s Investor Service announced the United Arab Emirates government bond rating also has a stable outlook which reflects the growth of the non-oil economy. The UAE legislation is very good which is why the economy is so resilient compared to other countries situations. Moody’s also observed that the Country’s financial strength comes from Abu Dhabi’s reserves, while in Dubai the real estate market is among the strongest sectors leading to economic growth.

For complete information about Dubai’s credit rating and outlooks, but also for investment opportunities you can contact our specialists in Company registration.