Immigrate to Dubai

Dubai, like all emirates in the UAE, has its own Department of Naturalization and Residency, also known as the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs that handles immigration and visa issuance. Most of those already living in Dubai are not immigrants, but expats with a Dubai residence permit that grants them the right to live in the emirate. Residence visas are issued for a specific period of time and must be renewed every one, two or three years.

Most immigrants come to work in Dubai and that is why the companies they work for will handle all visa proceedings. However, for those wanting to set up a company and obtain residency, our specialists in Quantum Auditing will help with all the procedures.

What is the best way to immigrate to Dubai?

Those interested in immigrating to Dubai have few options:

  • Obtain an employment visa
  • The family visa if the individual has a family member already established in Dubai
  • Obtain a business visa when opening a company in Dubai

Obtaining a work permit is, perhaps, one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Dubai. The initial application allows an individual to obtain a three-year visa that can be extended indefinitely. The work permit may be obtained if an employer applies for the visa on behalf of the employee. However, the future employee must also meet certain criteria and provide certain documents prior to the application. The main category of work permit is the Dubai residence visa for employment.

Family-sponsored visas are available for those with a family member residing in Dubai. In this case, the family member, also known as the sponsor, must make a security deposit payment and must provide his or her residence permit when applying for a Dubai family visa.

The Dubai investor visa

The Dubai investor visa is for foreign businessmen who make an important investment in the city. The Dubai investor visa has a three-year validity. Similar to the investor visa is the partner business visa that allows residence based on the value of shares a partner has in a Dubai company. Each type of business visa is subject to certain security deposit payments.

Those involved in business relations with companies in Dubai may apply for a multiple-entry visa that will allow them to come to city as many times as it is necessary. Immigration to Dubai on business purposes allows individuals to apply for several types of visas depending on the investors needs.

You can contact our specialists in company incorporation in Dubai to find out all eligibility criteria for immigration.