Invest in Real Estate in Dubai

The real estate market in Dubai is one of the most thriving worldwide as it expanded a lot during the last few years. The key factors for real estate development in Dubai are: the tax system, the quality of the buildings and the rapidity they are built with, the demand of investors looking to set up businesses in the region.

Why invest in real estate in Dubai?

There are many reasons why an investor or an individual would choose to invest in real estate properties in Dubai and among these there are:

  1. the prices of properties are lower than other real estate investments in Europe, Asia or America, even if the demand in the real estate sector has increased;
  2. property is a good investment during times of inflation, as the costs of maintenance can be added to the rent of a property;
  3. rentals generate a good income and even if the value may vary; in Dubai real estate properties deliver an 8 to 10% rent return;
  4. real estate has a residual value even if it might decrease;
  5. investors from all over the world are allowed to purchase or rent properties in Dubai;
  6. Dubai banks lend money for property purchases.

The residential real estate sector in Dubai

While real estate markets all over the world are falling back, the Dubai real estate market has remained the same or even increased in both residential and commercial sectors. Even if investors and common people looking to buy a property in Dubai have been cautious during the last few years, they are still purchasing residential properties as the government has supported and assured the real estate market stability. The Dubai residential sector has been flourishing due to the apartments and villas purchases. Also vacation properties are also growing considerably and they include condos, villas and apartments.

The commercial real estate sector in Dubai

The commercial real estate market in Dubai mainly consists of office spaces, shopping centers, labor houses and warehouses. The recession had an insignificant impact on commercial real estate properties, as the business capital is still increasing in Dubai.  As investors keep coming in and companies keep developing and requesting workforce, office spaces and labor houses for immigrants are highly demanded in the commercial real estate sector. According to researchers, the request for warehouses, hospitals and shopping centers is also significant.

If you are looking for an investment opportunity in real estate, you can contact our experts in Dubai for all the details about setting up a business.