Open a Telecom Company in Dubai

The information and communication technology (ICT) sector is regulated by Law no. 2 of the Emirate of Dubai, also known as the Electronic Transaction and Commerce Law. At national level, the Federal Law no. 3, also known as the Telecom Law, is the main legal framework in the ICT sector. The main regulatory body in the telecommunication sector in the UAE is the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) which has an office in Dubai, therefore facilitating the incorporation procedure for ICT companies in the Emirate. The Telecommunication Regulation Authority supports telecommunication companies in Dubai by providing them the appropriate infrastructure and licensing options.

What are the main licensing options for telecom companies in Dubai?

Investors opening companies in the telecom sector in Dubai may apply for one of the following licenses:

  • Broadcasting TV license
  • Broadcasting radio license
  • Publishing license

After the Company incorporation procedure has been completed, an application for the telecom license must be submitted. Our experts in Quantum Auditing may assist you with the incorporation procedure.

The radio spectrum authorization for Dubai telecom companies

All telecom companies providing ICT services must obtain a radio spectrum license from the Telecommunication Regulation Authority which will allow the telecom operator to use certain radio frequencies and wireless equipment, according to certain terms and conditions. All telecom licenses in Dubai are issued by the Ministry of Communications based on the TRA application.

Dubai companies may also apply for temporary licenses with a 90-days validity period for experimental or research purposes. Otherwise, the radio spectrum license has an one-year validity period. All licensing applications are subject to a non-refundable fee.

Specifically, companies applying for a radio spectrum license in Dubai may provide the following services:

  • Public land mobile radio services
  • Paging services
  • Point-to-point or fixed services
  • Wireless and broadband internet services
  • Wireless local area networks
  • Aeronautical and maritime radio services
  • Satellite services

The most sought destination for telecommunication services providers is the Dubai Internet City Free Zone in which foreign investors will benefit from numerous advantages upon the registration of a Company. For details about licensing requirements for telecom companies, please contact our Dubai specialists in Company registration.