Company Liquidation Services in Dubai & UAE

Liquidation is the process of winding up a Company’s financial affairs in order to provide for an orderly dismantling of the Company’s structure, the undertaking of appropriate investigations and the fair distribution of the Company’s assets to its creditors. This occurs either because the Company cannot pay all of its debts (i.e. it is insolvent), or its members want to end the Company’s existence, even when the Company is solvent.Quantum Auditing offers professional advice on liquidation and our experts are on hand to help you throughout the process.

Our Company liquidation processes are based on your individual circumstances whilst giving you peace of mind that whatever our experts suggest would be the best feasible option for your business. We look at all the prevailing issues and help you through Company liquidation in Dubai in a timely, efficient, cost-effective and positive manner.

Company liquidation is the only way to fully wind up the affairs of a Company and end its existence in UAE; as opposed to just selling the Company’s assets and paying its debts that leaves the Company structure in existence. Quantum Auditing, an independent firm, act as liquidator to undertake the process protects the interests of creditors, directors and members, while the Company structure is dismantled.

A Company can either be wound up by resolution of its members or creditors at an appropriate meeting, or by the Court, usually on the application of one or more creditors.

Quantum Auditing, as one of the specialist accounting firms in Dubai, can administer Company liquidation and do the following:

  • Find and protect the assets of the Company;
  • Realize those assets;
  • Conduct investigations into the financial affairs of the Company and any suspicious transactions;
  • Make appropriate recoveries;
  • Issue reports to the legal authority and creditors;
  • Make a distribution to creditors (if there are assets available);
  • Make a distribution to shareholders (if a surplus exists) and
  • Apply to deregister the Company

Quantum Auditing’s Company liquidation Services Dubai represents the interests of all creditors and facilitates liquidators, receivers and voluntary administrators to file all the necessary documents and manage their portfolios online. Our professional liquidation services speed up document filing and assist our clients with managing their statutory obligations as a receivers, liquidators, and voluntary administrators.

Quantum Auditing ensures that your Company liquidation in UAE is handled correctly and all the recognized procedures are followed. Our experts use secure technology to allow you to start the Company liquidation process in a straightforward way. The end goal is for you to be able to find new business opportunities, as we deal with the liquidation of your existing Company professionally.