Forensic Audit and Investigations in Dubai

Our forensic audit and investigation team in Dubai has extensive experience of providing high-quality, timely and cost-effective investigations, advice, expert reports and expert testimony on financial and accountancy matters.

A forensic audit is the targeted application of detailed audit procedures to identify if there has been any illegal, unauthorized or unprocedural use of funds and assets and to establish the identity of those responsible.

A forensic audit differs greatly from a normal audit in that trained forensic auditors will examine in detail each and every transaction. Background checks on individuals are carried out to determine if they are living beyond their means. The auditors will gather evidence (affidavits) capable of being presented in court should a prosecution follow from the audit.

Quantum Auditing’s primary action in any forensic audit is to review the information available to determine if the allegation/information is credible and not merely malicious. Should the credibility of the information be such that an investigation is considered necessary, a preliminary fact finding/evidence gathering phase is initiated. The information gathered is then analyzed and a detailed audit plan is produced. Only at this stage will the formal taking of affidavits take place.

Once a forensic audit is completed and it is considered that there is sufficient evidence to warrant a criminal investigation, the file is handed over to the appropriate investigative authority.

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