Trade Register in Dubai

Foreign investors coming to open companies in Dubai are required to register their businesses with the Department of Economic Development which is the equivalent of Trade Registers in European countries. The Dubai Department of Economic Development was established in 1992 and until 2008 it was in charge with the establishment of economic policies. In 2008, the Government issued a decree through which the Trade Register would also be in charge with receiving the documents related to Company registration in Dubai. Foreign investors starting companies in Dubai free zones must take into account that each free zone has its own authority receiving the paperwork related to Company formation and issuing the suitable trading licenses.

The Dubai Department of Economic Development

A foreign investor opening a Company in Dubai is required to file the necessary documentation with the Trade Register through an appointed local agent. The Dubai Companies Register will also issue the commercial license depending on the type of activity to be undertaken. However, these are not the only functions of the Dubai Trade Register. Among its responsibilities there are also:

  • Updating and maintaining the Company’s database
  • Allowing interested parties to conduct searches
  • Allowing third parties to search for licensing information
  • Elaborating economic development strategies

Our local experts can help you with the Company registration procedure in Dubai.

Trade Registers in Dubai Free Zones

Dubai is home to more than 20 free zones at the moment, each ran by its own authorities, among which local Trade Registers. Dubai free zone Companies Registrars are in charge not only with receiving the documents for Company incorporation, they are often in charge with establishing the conditions under which companies can be set up. In certain free zones, the Trade Register provides all-in-one services which include issuance of visas for foreign citizens coming to work in Dubai. Trade Registers in Dubai free zones allow for the registration of free zone companies and branch offices of foreign companies.

No matter the type of Company you want to set up in Dubai, all Trade Registers will issue the certificate of incorporation within few days. For details about the documents required to open a Company in Dubai you can contact our local specialists.