Workforce in Dubai

The most economically developed two cities in the UAE are Dubai and Abu Dhabi, even if they opted for different strategies in order to attract capital and increase their economies. While Abu Dhabi’s economy is based on its oil supplies, Dubai chose to attract foreign investment and diversify its economic intakes thus creating more and diversified job opportunities.

Education in Dubai

For obtaining a job, companies require educated labor force and Dubai government has invested in trainings in order to provide companies and employees as well, the means and support in acquiring and developing all necessary skills and abilities to benefit from competent workforce.

University education is considered to provide higher qualifications and higher wages too. It has been also noticed that, compared to older employees, the young labor force in Dubai is more educated. Considering the fact that private companies also require soft skills, high education is a main factor in Dubai for obtaining a job.

The main abilities required by companies in Dubai from its workforce are:

  • Communication
  • Initiative and proactivity
  • Flexibility
  • Creative thinking
  • Managerial skills

Workforce in the public sector in Dubai

Statistics show that most labor force in Dubai is concentrated in the public sector. Dubai’s workforce is concentrated in the federal government, municipalities or companies controlled by the government.

Dubai workforce is attracted by the jobs in the public sector because of the security these positions provide, the high income that include benefits, the shorter working hours, as in the public sector the schedule is set at 35 hours per week, compared to the private sector that requires a minimum of 40 hours per week.

Labor force in the public sector also benefits from fewer annual working days which were estimated at about 180. The workforce in Dubai’s public sector also has strong benefits upon retirement and better progression opportunities.

Workforce in the private sector in Dubai

If working in the public sector attracts the majority of labor force, the private sector jobs in Dubai belongs to people who come from other countries or to fresh graduates. The main attraction when working in the private sector in Dubai is the salary that usually is higher than the one in the public sector. On the other hand, the private sector offers less training which is why most of Dubai’s labor force opts for the private sector, until it gains enough experience to find a job in the public sector. However, private companies are a good start for fresh graduates as they can learn and develop their soft skills.

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