Business Process Re-engineering

Business process re-engineering is the main way in which organizations become more efficient and modernize. Business process re-engineering transforms an organization in ways that directly affect performance.

The two cornerstones of any organization are the people and the processes. If individuals are motivated and working hard, yet the business processes are cumbersome and non-essential activities remain, organizational performance will be poor.

Business Process Re-engineering is the key to transforming how people work. What appear to be minor changes in processes can have dramatic effects on cash flow, service delivery and customer satisfaction. Even the act of documenting business processes alone will typically improve organizational efficiency by 10%.

Quantum Auditing believes the best way to map and improve the Organization’s procedures is to take a top down approach, and not undertake a project in isolation. That means:

  • Define the purpose of the organization and describe what sets it apart from others in its sector or industry
  • Define where the organization is going, to provide a clear picture of the desired future position
  • Build these into a clear business strategy thereby deriving the project objectives
  • Defining behaviors that will enable the organization to achieve it’s aims
  • Producing key performance measures to track progress
  • Relating efficiency improvements to the culture of the organization
  • Identifying initiatives that will improve performance

Quantum Auditing will assist putting these building blocks in place, and begin the re-engineering exercise and lead to a successful outcome.