Mainland Company Incorporation in Dubai

Department of Economic Development (DED) of Dubai is the authority that issues all licenses for companies intending to operate outside the Free Zones i.e. within the Dubai Mainland. The Dubai DED constantly updates its rules and acts a single service window for all types of licenses and registrations in the Mainland. There are several business activities which can be performed under various licenses i.e. Industrial, Commercial and Professional. In most cases, Company incorporation in Dubai Mainland requires a local sponsor. Legal business structures in Dubai Mainland

Individual Establishment can be formed by a sole proprietor and the proprietor shall be responsible for all its financial liabilities.

Civil Companies: Under a civil Company, a specific profession is chosen and all partners of the Company depend on that particular activity for its earnings and the activity concentrates on intellectual faculties rather than speculation or materials.

Legal Forms of Commercial Companies

General Partnership: A general partnership can be formed for Company incorporation in Dubai within mainland with two or more partners. Each partner is jointly and independently liable to the extent of all their assets for the Company’s liabilities and only UAE nationals are allowed to be partners in a general partnership.

Simple Limited Partnership: One or more general partners responsible for the Company’s liabilities to the extent of all their assets, and one or more limited partners liable for the Company’s liabilities to the extent of their individual shares in the capital only, may form a simple limited partnership Company. Only UAE nationals are allowed to be general partners for Simple Limited Partnership Company incorporation in Dubai.

Private Joint Stock Company: No less than three founders can incorporate a Private Joint Stock Company.

Limited Liability Company (LLC): Limited Liability Company can be incorporated with at least 2 partners not exceeding 50. Each partner shall only be liable to the extent of his or her share in the capital.

Partnership Limited with Shares (PLS): A Partnership Limited with Shares can be formed by general partners who are collectively liable to the extent of all their shares for the Company’s liabilities and also other partners who are only responsible to the extent of their shares in the capital.

Foreign Companies: Foreign companies may not practice its main business in the Mainland and may not incorporate branches unless licensed to do so by the Ministry of Economy after obtaining the approval of the concerned authorities. The license shall set out the business it is licensed to practice and the Company should have a national agent to act on its behalf.

Benefits of Company incorporation in the Dubai Mainland:

  • Carry out business in any part of UAE
  • No Corporate tax
  • No minimum Capital requirement for some types of business structures
  • No local sponsor needed for Professional License
  • Affordable office spaces as compared to few free zones
  • Lease Office space anywhere in the emirate