Wealth Management Service

Wealth Management Service is a core financial advisory service, actively sought by high income strata individuals and companies with surplus investable cash.  Instead of integrating isolated advice and products from multiple professionals, often high net worth individuals and investment sensitive companies look for wealth management professionals that can provide a holistic approach around their investment objectives within applicable risk constraints.
UAE attracts many affluent individuals and is also a hub for global firms with surplus cash, that they are looking to invest in attractive yield opportunities. Hence, wealth management in UAE is an essential service providing a comprehensive guide towards global investments. A sound wealth management service provider is one that can understand your risk profile, your current financial position accurately, your short term and long term financial and non-financial objectives, potential constraints, and then suggest attractive investments locally or globally. Often the wealth manager has to coordinate with financial experts as well as the client’s own accountant and attorney to understand the details around the correct wealth position, in order to craft an optimal investment strategy. Key highlights of wealth management services include but are not limited to:
  • An investment advisory service that can be combined with financial services to achieve specific objectives like investment management, financial planning, tax services, retirement planning, legal planning, philanthropic planning and estate planning among others.
  • The service revolves around a dedicated wealth manager who is an expert professional and can adequately manage an affluent client’s wealth for an agreed professional fee.
  • Wealth management service is often sought by affluent individuals, HNWI or companies with surplus cash, looking to achieve diverse financial objectives.
  • Wealth management services leverage client individual profiles, market intelligence, economic updates, forecasts, investment opportunities and consequently provide 360-degree advice on how to achieve such financial objectives.
Wealth Management in Dubai thrives on high net worth individuals aspiring to call Dubai a second home. The lavish glitz and glamour, in addition to available investment in art, luxury yachts, super cars, race horses, mansions etc., attracts affluent people from around the globe, hence providing a unique opportunity for wealth management firms and investment advisory firms. For someone who has taken years of effort to be financially well-off, enjoying these luxuries but ensuring preservation and growth of their wealth is critical, hence for them, a correct investment advice is essential.
Quantum Auditing has been serving such clients with professional wealth management services for many years and providing them with prudent investment advice.  Having been in the region for long, we understand the dynamics and demographics, hence we closely evaluate each of our client’s financial position, liquidity requirements, both short-term and long-term objectives and then provide a comprehensive wealth management strategy. Investment advice is tailored to a client’s individual needs – be it further wealth creation, planning for children’s education or marriage, or simply a comfortable retirement. Along the course, if your financial objectives change, we can also dynamically adjust the strategy, ensuring complete transparency into your investment portfolio throughout the process.

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