Virtual Office in Dubai

A virtual office is a business correspondence office or a package that is designed to suit and handle the requirements of registered companies. A virtual office in Dubai enables a business entity to benefit from the presence of a high-profile office at a more reduced cost than the traditional or contemporary company office.

Our company in Dubai has an in-depth understanding and experience in company incorporation services and virtual office services in Dubai.

Several virtual office packages are provided by our specialists in Quantum Auditing which includes the following:

  • A prestigious business address in Dubai with an incredible and risk-free base for that enables the virtual office in Dubai to correspond with clients.
  • The package also contains a registered office which is fundamental in establishing company in Dubai
  • Collection and forwarding of mail, it assists in the collection of mail, signing for packages and according to your instructions, by email, fax or regular mail.
  • Our virtual office in Dubai handles the incoming and outgoing faxes. Our virtual office in Dubai uses our local fax number and therefore we will collect and send faxes to you, wherever you are;
  • The virtual office in Dubai has a local phone number in Dubai, UAE;
  • Voice mailbox, the virtual office will forward all the voice messages you by e-mail.

Other additional services offered which includes:

  • Dedicated fax service with your private and primary number;
  • Call redirecting, with the use of specialized technology, the virtual office in Dubai will redirect all calls to your primary number;
  • The virtual office in Dubai will also collect bank statements on your behalf
  • Extra usage of the meeting room
  • The Virtual office in Dubai will also provide concierge services
  • Business lounges

If you need a virtual office for your business, do not hesitate to call our specialists in company incorporation in Dubai and ask for a quotation.