Obtaining Dubai Residency

There are only a few particular ways of obtaining Dubai residency visa if you are not a member of GCC. All foreigners in Dubai are therefore required to apply for a work and a residency permit in Dubai. Foreigners obtain their residence visa in Dubai either because of work, whether an employee or setting up a company in Dubai and thus should have a visa linked to the work. Dubai residence visa can also be obtained by enrolling in college or University in the UAE. One can also obtain a Dubai residency by acquiring property worth over one million Dhiram. The Dubai residence visa is renewable every three years. Once a person receives Dubai residency, he or she will also be allowed to open a bank account in Dubai.

How to obtain residency in Dubai

The most common reasons for applying Dubai residency visa is when a foreign citizen is working for a company in Dubai, joining a family member who works and reside in Dubai. A foreign citizen may also obtain Dubai residency if a UAE national will sponsor him or her when moving to Dubai.

In the first instance, all foreign nationals in Dubai are issued with an entry permit that will allow him or her to move to Dubai before the authorization of the Dubai residency permit. In the case of an employer applying for the foreign citizen’s entry permit in Dubai, the Company in Dubai must also apply for permission to hire the foreign citizen in Dubai and therefore the employer/ company in Dubai is required to submit its business license. Foreigners are provided with Dubai entry permit with two-month validity period and therefore, during this particular period, Dubai residency Visa must be obtained.

Expatriates in Dubai sponsoring family members must have a monthly income of at least 3,000 AED to obtain a Dubai residence visa for the family members if the employer provides accommodation, or a minimum of 4,000 AED per month if the expatriate in Dubai has his or her property.

Documentation required when applying for residency in Dubai

Foreigners applying for Dubai residency visa must submit the following:

  • Dubai residency visa application form
  • Valid original passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Driving license
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable

The applicant is also required to submit copies after all qualifications. In some instances, authorities in Dubai may also request details of previous work experience and references from former employers to process Dubai Residence Visa. In addition to the above, Dubai residence visa applicant is also required to undergo a medical examination before his or her employment.  A medical examination is also required when renewing Dubai residence visa.

The processing time for Dubai residency visas has reduced tremendously during the last years and, for quick and simple application of Dubai residence visa procedures, you may request the services of our specialists in company incorporation in Dubai.