Shelf Company in Dubai

A shelf company is a business entity or corporate entity that has been already established by an individual provider who holds the company until is purchased by a different individual or entity. When the purchaser is found, the owner of the company transfers from the vendor to the buyer, who then commences trading activity under the name of the shelf company. In Dubai, there are two ways of doing business; one is to open a new company in Dubai or buy an onshore shelf company in Dubai. This, therefore, means that foreigners can establish a subsidiary company in Dubai and any of the city’s free trade zone. This enables foreigners to have a right to reside and work in Dubai. In the UAE the governments are supportive when it comes to opening a company in Dubai or buying a shelf company in Dubai because it means that there will be diversity in the economy of Dubai, and moreover, these companies will also create new job opportunities in Dubai.

Setting up a company in Dubai, a free zone offers significant benefits because one will not have to pay corporate for 15 years. On the contrary, outside the free zones, an investor is required by the law of company registration to have a local partner who will hold the majority of the shares in the company. All corporate companies in Dubai are subjected to a taxation system outside the free zones.

Apart from setting up a company in Dubai, one can easily purchase a ready-made company, which is easy, and not time-consuming as opposed to setting up a new company in Dubai. The process of shelf company incorporation in Dubai only takes a maximum of three days, and all one has to do is to a sales contract agreement and pay the shelf company provider the price for the share of the shelf company before commencing business operations in Dubai. Nonetheless, is also imperative to know the legal regulations, business, market environment and the best-suited company in Dubai you intend to purchase. Moreover, it is also important to conduct a background check on the shelf company you want to especially regarding its economic aspect. For a speedy process, and information acquisition, our offshore incorporation company in Dubai will be of great assistance.

The advantages of purchasing a shelf company

The advantage of buying a shelf company in Dubai is time. This is because there is a possibility of the investor to commence business operations when time is of great significance. On the other hand, the background of the shelf company in Dubai gives the new investor seniority and credibility and therefore can easily gain the trust of the potential clients. Besides, there are also minimal requirements and documentation for the incorporation of a shelf company in Dubai. There are several types of companies in Dubai that an investor can choose from.  However, it is important to choose a shelf company in Dubai that suits your requirements. For more details, our specialists in Dubai can provide you with all legal expertise, information, and advice in that matter. A shelf company in Dubai has its legal address, a director that resides in Dubai, a corporate bank account, among other necessary certificates and permissions.

Our specialists in company incorporation in Dubai can help you in purchasing a shelf company as well as the selection of the business, shelf company evaluation and will provide you with all the necessary assistance in negotiations. Our specialists in company incorporation will also assist you, or any other investor in the process of business transfer of ownership

We invite you to watch a short video about how you can buy a shelf company in Dubai and how our specialists in company incorporation in Dubai can be of assistance to you.