Types of companies in Dubai

Dubai keeps attracting several foreign investors because of the excellent facilities and infrastructure it offers. On the other hand, the UAE being considered a tax-free country is another enticing factor for both the local and foreign investors.  However, there is a dire need for investors to pay attention to when opening a company in Dubai. This is because every step must be planned and strategized carefully. This means that foreign investors will require a local agent to handle the company registration procedure in Dubai. Our experts in Quantum Auditing firm in Dubai can help you set up a business in the Emirates.

Types of business license in Dubai

There are several companies that foreign investors can set up in Dubai, and this entirely depends on the investor’s business objectives. Before deciding on the type of company to set up in Dubai, investors must first select the category of business license. This is because the Department of Economic Development in Dubai regulates three types of business licenses, which includes:

  • Commercial license
  • Industrial license,
  • Professional license

The commercial license IN Dubai is available for types of companies which are involved with trading activities, among which sales. The industrial license applies to companies in the manufacturing, processing and packaging sector while the professional license applies to services that are personally offered by individual investors like consultancy services and is usually suitable for sole proprietors in Dubai. The same business license requirements apply if an investor decides to open a company in free zones in Dubai.

Available types of companies in Dubai

Before incorporating a company in Dubai, an investor must select the appropriate type of business entity to venture in. There are four main categories of companies in Dubai. However, each category has its subdivisions. The types of companies available for registration in Dubai are:

  • Companies,
  • Partnerships,
  • Branch offices,
  • Free zone companies.

Among the available companies, the limited liability company in Dubai is the most registered company. The other types of companies available for incorporation in Dubai are:

  • Civil company,
  • Joint venture company,
  • Private shareholding company,
  • Public shareholding company

Partnerships companies in Dubai are divided into general, simple, limited partnerships and partnerships-en-comandite. However, there is the notion of Partnership Company. Partnership companies, although these companies are usually limited to Dubai citizens.

Dubai branch offices can be divided into:

  • Branches of foreign companies,
  • Branches of civil companies,
  • Branches of Dubai and UAE companies,
  • Branches of GCC companies,
  • Branches of free zone companies

For details about the requirements for setting up a company, you can contact our specialists in company registration in Dubai.