Regular Financial Audit: An Easy Win

Auditing is a wider business function that is oftentimes confused with just the assessment of procedures. The multifold aspect of auditing activity is what makes it so beneficial for a company. As a company has different aspects to it that need attention from a different perspective each, audit also requires a multifaceted approach to assessing it.


When we talk about financial auditing, it binds us to mostly assessing the financial aspects of a company. Statutory audit and External audit are two types of audit that are concerned with the financial aspects of a company. To explain statutory audit, it is the reviewing and in-depth analysis to make sure the financials that a company has made public are true and fair.


Statutory audit of listed companies helps other third-party organizations to assess or navigate their way around that company based on reports that are legitimized by the statutory auditor. The procedure is similar to how financial analysis might take place, but it also depends upon what type of company is being assessed.


Statutory audit objectives or basic financial audit objectives are to help assess, match and analyse the position of the company in terms of numbers. It really helps one see clearly what functions are fruitful, what changes are helping, what operations need changing and what procedures need updates.

Statutory audited financial statements might help third party organizations and entities, but financial audit in its essence can be really beneficial for a company on its own. When you have markers of your ups and downs in numerical value, you can really point down where the problem is arising and do a deep-analysis with relation to operations.

When the financial reports are thoroughly analyzed, you start analyzing patterns, and understanding the effects of certain systematic decisions upon the finances. What kind of outflow really helps the company grow, what function needs to be looked into, all of this adds up to help the firm.

A routine financial audit can be a game changer for your or any company, for companies that involve a complicated process of financials, which is almost the case with every company in this day and age. In these times of globalization when boundaries are close to being blurred, and businesses take place from any part of the world, finance is one function that gets directly affected!

Along with supply chain, finance is also a major aspect of this globalized world that has been upturned. This is how and why it’s so important for a company to keep a routine check on its financials, to make sure of multiple things at once, including but not limited to operational effects on financials, raw material, and machine to man ratio, how it all affects the finances positively or negatively, and much more.

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