The need for efficient project advisory for companies

As companies embark new projects in their domain or sometime new domains, they often seek out expert advise to evaluate such projects from business valuation perspective and help them understand all the costs, benefits, and risks of such projects to arrive at a more informed decision making. The company might not have the technical expertise to critically evaluate such an endeavor on the onset but would like to ensure a successful implementation of such project. These projects may belong to any economic sector like construction, oil and gas, logistics, infrastructure, governmental, hospitality, retail etc. Each sector has its own complexities, constraints and challenges that tag along with the potential opportunity, and hence dedicated Project Advisory Services are critical to ensure that maximum value is unlocked while mitigating all necessary risks.


With Dubai being a global financial and logistics hub and the city always beaming with new projects across different economic sectors primarily retail infrastructure and tourism; Project Advisory in Dubai is a core service needed by large number of clients as they look for following answers:


  • How to establish the control and co-ordination of activities required to manage huge projects successfully?
  • How to ensure efficient utilization of diverse vendors involved?
  • How to avoid cost over-runs and timely delivery with so many dependencies.
  • How to overcome challenges and reduce uncertainties while managing stakeholders impacted by change
  • How to ensure the intended performance improvements are achieved throughout the project lifecycle and beyond


Quantum Auditing provides expert Project Advisory Services in UAE on various project across Real Estate, IT, Healthcare, Construction etc. covering aspects like scheduling, cost analysis, sound project design, efficient management, proper implementation, and effective project deviation control on large-scale projects and programs, hence supporting a project through its lifecycle – from front-end planning, project initiation, design and procurement as well as throughout the course of project – following the needed professional approach.


As your go to project advisory consultants, Quantum offers bespoke solutions that help our clients execute their dream projects with complete confidence through a step-by-step procedure encompassing project viability, PVCF, Cost and risks analysis etc. If the project is deemed viable, a team of our experts would help design the project and implement it within a stipulated period of time.

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